Introduction of subsidiary Hokuetu denken corporation

Introduction of subsidiary Hokuetu denken corporation

What DENKEN Can Do

We, DENKEN, are the company which designs and
manufactures control panels in Japan.
We are a company wholly owned by Senshu Electric Co., Ltd.
which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market.

Head quater(Nagaoka,Niigata,Japan)

About Us

Founded in 1977, DENKEN started business in Nagaoka,
Niigata, Japan(Located 150 miles north away from Tokyo) to
produce electrical control devices for industrial machine makers.
Since then, we have improved skills for control technology and
got reputations from many customers.
Along the path, we made a new start as a group company of
Senshu Electric Co., Ltd. in 2022.
Our motto is "Satisfy customer needs." To accomplish that, we
cooperate with Japanese companies and overseas group
companies for efficient manufacturing.

Our Control Panel
DENKEN takes on design, development, and production of
control panels from a small individual panel to ones for factory
production line according to requirements of customers.
We are focusing on cost cutting and realize it by procuring
parts and metal boxes from China.
Considering quality, cost, and delivery term, we make control
panels at best places for cost-effective manufacturing.
We are one of the companies which can make control panels at
cheapest larbor costs in Japan and we are sure to satisfy
customer's demands.

Factory for Large control panel(Nagaoka)