Leakage Detection System Solution


For quick detection of even the smallest leaks

Sensor technology plays an essential role in protecting precious properties against water leakage.

This technology is used for not only buildings or manufacturing plants, but also in an area gaining attention recently, data centers handling IoT and Big Data. TATSUTA continues to create new sensing technologies based on unique, basic technology of compounding.


An electrical path is formed between electrodes 1 and 2 using water (conductive liquid) as a medium and the resistance lowers, which allows liquid leakage detection.


Features of TATSUTA’s Technologies 

1.Safe and Reliable Sensors Utilizing Cable-making Expertise

Tatsuta's line sensors do not fail to detect any water leakage at all points on its full length while remaining free from malfunction due to humidity.
Sensors can detect pure water, acid and alkaline solutions.
*Superior environmental characteristics
A double-layered configuration is adopted that enables sensors to operate normally even at high temperature and humidity (60°C, 95%RH).
*Small amount detection
(3 mL or less: TATSUTA’s standard sensitivity) Due to its excellent absorption characteristics,external braiding never fails to catch water leakage.

2.Easy Installation.

Sensors are made of flexible materials and so are easy to install and use. They are located in low power circuits operating at a maximum of 12.5 V AC, which means they are very safe. Can be installed anywhere, including piping, floors, walls, and ceilings, contributing to creating a thorough detection network that has no blind spots.

3.Easy Identification of Leakage Points

Leak location detection 

The detector has a digital display function that indicates the detected leak locations in meters. It can also output data on leak positions.

Red coloration (TATSUTA’s original function)

The sensor part that has absorbed liquid turns red ,so you can visually confirm leaks more quickly, which enables prompt recovery.


4.Our Extensive Product Lineup

Detectors with different sensitivities can be used in combination with coloration or other sensors to meet our customers’ needs.


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