Maker Introduction: B&PLUS




B&PLUS was established in 1980 to develop advanced electronic technologies and products for use in machining tools and other manufacturing equipment. Two areas of particular focus are wireless power supply and RFID technology. 
More than 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing wireless power supply devices. Rising above the competition, B&PLUS JAPAN provides wireless power transfer (WPT) technologies with wide power range solutions and options for signal transmission.
With many accomplishments in the WPT field, proud to have the largest product lineup in the world.

Function of Remote system

Remote System is a system that transmits the power and the signal wirelessly at the same time.
Composed of an output part (base part) and a transmission part (remote part). Movable side connects to proximity, optical sensors and temperature sensors, such as output equipment and solenoid valve.
Power supply and control equipment to the fixed side, and controls input/output wirelessly.

Wireless Power Supply & Signal transmission

Power supplies to various sensors wirelessly and operates various sensors and transmits and detects signal of the sensors. 

As for the sensors, an index table, a conveyance palette, proximity sensor and optical sensors can be used.
Heat control equipment by analog signal transmission type is also available.
Switch signal transmission


Analog signal transmission 

Remote Coupler System

Remote Power supply System

About B&PLUS's technology  (Youtube video)

Technology to give from the voice / WPT Start up development