Maker Introduce : KURAMO Electric Cable

Maker Introduce : KURAMO Electric Cable


Founded: 1919

Type of the Company: Family own (over one hundred years)

Number of Employees: Over 500

Industries of our Primary Customers:
 - Automobile Parts Assembly Equipment
 - Welding & Stamping Machine and Equipment
 - Machine Tools
 - Industrial Conveyers and Carriers
 - Industrial Robots
 - Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

  KURAMO Products registered in International Standard


 List of Standards

This is a part of products, we also inquire for other products.



What KURAMO can do

Supply of Standard Products

Custom made cables are available upon your request, such as:

    - Current carrying capacity

    - Data transmission speed

    - Adjustment of Outer-diameter

    - Resistance to oil

    - Durability

    - Flexibility

    - Resistance to bend and/or torsion


- Smooth and uniform surfaces are available for all cables


- FA network cable.

    - DeviceNet       - Ethernet/IP      - EtherCAT

    - CC-link   - PROFIBUS      - CompoNet


Custom made cables

Composite cable consist of communication, control and power

Color coded core

Shielding of each core


    -  Combination with air tube
    -  Different color
    -  Clear imprinting