Maker Introduction: NISSEI Electric (Hiflon Series)

Maker Introduction: NISSEI Electric (Hiflon Series)

We are pleased to introduce you to the NISSEI products we offer.


Introducing NISSEI

NISSEI, established in 1969, has consistently tackled challenges and evolved with industry trends. Our aim is to establish a leading position in the cable sector by enhancing productivity and technical expertise.

NISSEI took early initiatives by establishing our first offshore production facilities in China in 1993 and a second in Vietnam in 1999. Looking ahead, we're committed to developing high-value, compact products, expanding our market presence, adopting eco-friendly production practices, and exploring new markets.

The HIFLON Series

"HIFLON™" is NISSEI's trademark for fluorocarbon polymer-insulated products. HIFLON™ offers exceptional thermal resistance and chemical resistance, making it a preferred choice in industries like industrial equipment, office automation (OA) equipment, and transportation equipment. Additionally, HIFLON™ boasts excellent conductivity, ideal for communication devices, and stable composition, suitable for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and increasingly utilized in medical devices.


Hiflon Cable

The Hiflon Cable incorporates HIFLON wires, fluor resin, PVC, and other materials as sheathing components. By using fluor resin as the cable's insulator, it delivers exceptional insulation properties, enabling the use of fine wires and significantly improving installation density. Primarily used for wiring signal and power lines, it's extensively used in instrumentation cables in robot operating units, medical equipment, computers, and similar devices. 


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