Instructions for Cable Wiring :

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Connect cable so that its bend radius is as large as possible.
※If cable requires bending for connection, ensure that its bend radius(indicated by R in the figure) is 7.5 times its outside diameter or more (ideally).
If cable requires bending for wiring, secure its bend degree of freedom, paying attention to its length and angle.
When a plurality of cables are wiring together, do not bundle the cables at their bend portions using cable ties or other similar devices (especially when they are different in outside diameter) Wiring of a plurality of cables together on a separate and independent basis
If cable requires fastening and bending for wiring, do not bend it sharply at its fastened portion.
When attaching connector to cable, support the cable using a sleeve or other similar device against the connector.
When attaching connector to cable, make sure that the end of the cable is protected against entry of oil into it.
  • Cable wiring to cable carrier: Refer to [Instructions for Cable Wiring into Cable Carrier].
  • Cable wiring by hanger suspension: Refer to [Instructions for Cable Wiring by Hanger Suspension].